The Probate & Trust Specialists host monthly webinars with estate planning attorneys all across the bay area! They also have a video tutorial to help with any and all probate and trust questions you may have.

The Probate & Trust Team work closely and alongside estate planning attorneys. Check out quite a few video clips of their webinars and discussions with both estate planning attorney Lon Lazar and Aaron R. Feldman.

The Probate & Trust Team work together with estate planning attorneys discuss Michael Jackson’s probate estate to Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s conservatorship case – to other probated complicated cases they have come seen.

The Probate & Trust Team focuses on building their relationships with executors, administrators, fiduciaries, estate planning attorneys, bondsmen, and judges all across the bay area.

Estate Planning Attorney Kayla Grant explains past clients we have had together, contentious siblings, and the four year probate case. Learn why it is important to have your property in a trust!

Upcoming webinars include estate planning attorney Amir Rang, Mark S. Bridges, and Elizabeth Button. Check back on our webinar section and join for an interactive probate and trust Q and A!

Claire through her book, 100 Questions, guides any executor or administrator through the process while also explaining how she is able to sell the probated or trust property for top dollar!

It is never too late to join the platforms Youtube channel to follow all the questions you may have about probate or trust home sales.