About Claire Hultin


Claire Hultin’s authentic entrepreneurial spirit and distinct set of skills sharpened by her diverse work and life experiences are what bring her real estate career to life. Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Claire has lived in Sweden and Malta and continues to explore the world, bringing a unique international perspective to her work in the equally unique San Francisco Bay Area real estate market. Having been raised in a real estate development family with a 60-year footprint, Claire’s love for the industry runs deep. Both her father and grandfather were true real estate mavens offering all-inclusive contracting, building and development services to their clients. And they were not the only beacons in the industry in Claire’s family—her mother also took to the business and has been a luxury real estate agent for over 10 years.

The combination of Claire’s passion for real estate and her unwavering dedication to honing and using her skills are a stellar demonstration of what she brings to her real estate career, and directly to her clients. Claire delivers exceptional service by utilizing her solid negotiating skills, understanding of the market, and her ability to provide her expanding local, national and international perspective to the eclectic group of buyers and sellers in San Francisco. Having married an attorney that has previously practiced probate real estate law, Claire Hultin has a heavy focus on probate real estate within San Francisco and specializes within the probate field. Her mind is set to achieving her clients’ goals as she extends every resource she has to make the process efficient, productive and enjoyable.

Claire’s unceasing work ethic has afforded her success across all her endeavors, translating the same dedication to her clients today. She has formally been the owner of a tourism company, an international restaurant, and an event, marketing and PR company. Her accomplishments before officially entering the real estate business also include authorship of two traditionally published books—one on neuroscience, and the other a light-hearted non-fiction book bringing together a string of true stories surrounding experiences of online dating.

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About Tim McMullen


Tim McMullen is a multi-talented realtor who is now bringing his considerable talents to the Gueco Real Estate Group. With being a high end luxury agent and a strong focus on probate real estate, he’s also a wealth manager, property analyzer, and a leader in digital marketing and branding. That’s a lot of hats for one person to wear, but he rocks them all, as is evidenced by the amazing track record of success he has already achieved in a variety of industries.

As an agent, he has marketed and sold over $20 million of real estate within his first year in the business, and he aims to factor into the marketing of $100 million in 2018, something he believes is easily achieved by using the latest in tech. In fact, as an entrepreneur, he has founded a number of companies that help realtors and client service professionals bring their businesses into the 21st century through tech-savvy digital marketing, branding, and lead-capture systems.These business ventures let him work closely with some of the Bay Area’s top-selling agents, where he learned their elite strategies and built a deep and diversified network that he gladly share with his probate clients in order to get them top dollar for their estate. They have also provided him with arguably the best market knowledge of any local agent, as he actively studies and interprets the entire market to produce for his clients deeply analytical content and the best local market knowledge.

      In short, Tim is using tech to help revolutionize the way probate real estate transactions and business methodology take place. He uses all of his knowledge, experience, and skills to make sure his clients know he leaves no stone unturned to go above and beyond for them, especially within the probate process. He brings the same focus and tenacity that he brought to his time as a Pac-12 footballer and Silicon Valley startup founder to his career in real estate.

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Kevin Gueco, Claire Hultin are probate specialists on the team, the Gueco Real Estate Group – a real estate team that has been a Side partner since January 2017 with $130M+ total sales since partnering and 80% Y-O-Y growth. The signature Gueco Real Estate Group leverages unrivaled industry expertise with creative next-generation marketing and technology. They have revolutionized how properties are presented and our sales set records across the city!

Side is a venture-funded real estate tech brokerage backed by industry leading investors from Silicon Valley. Side business model enables Claire, Marcell, Tim, and Kevin to spend 100% of their time on human work that truly matters. By automating the administrative, legal, and marketing efforts of their business, agents can work directly with their clients on the most important details. This means quicker sales, higher closing prices, and unmatched customer service. While many agents are content to follow trends, we’re setting them!


The relationship they have with Side also fosters key industry partnerships to better advise clients in the negotiation and marketing involved with real property sales. Up-to-the-minute information is vital to every real estate transaction and as principled negotiators, our team is constantly focused on finding solutions. Ultimately, Gueco Real Estate Group knows their long-term success depends on being more than just a transaction. Establishing clients for life is the goal. It’s really that simple. By prioritizing clients’ interests, exceeding expectations, and championing long-range goals, they’ve built an impeccable sales record. However, it’s the grateful reviews from past clients that tells them they’re doing exactly what they set out to do.

About Fatemah Nikchehi


With an impressive track record of obtaining the most for her clients, Fatemah Nikchehi is a San Francisco-based broker and REALTOR® committed to delivering life-changing results. Having been seasoned in the industry for over fifteen years she has experienced major cycles in the real estate market that have certainly shaped her current approach. Fatemah is an energetic, focused, kind, and profoundly optimistic professional who takes her job seriously. She absolutely loves what she does. For sellers, she works hard to ensure the top sales price and for buyers, she will pursue and research until she discovers just what they desire. With high ethical standards she is aggressive and persistent.

She also works well with investors who enjoy the art and advantage of flipping homes, as proven by her history of working with satisfied investors. A family girl who raised all of her siblings, Fatemah understands the joys of life and wishes nothing more than to help others experience the best life possible. The challenge, the fight, the struggle, she knows them all. Relieving stress and allowing her clients to enjoy the process is important to her. She is undeniably relentless – a strong, yet tender force in the real estate industry. It’s about carefully organizing, planning, and seeking the greatest for her clients, with unconditional dedication, enthusiasm, and precision – every time and nothing less.

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About Marcell Neri


Marcell Neri’s path to real estate has been based on cultivating relationships using effective analytical skills to provide exceptional service. Marcell is a licensed attorney and has practiced in various aspects of civil litigation representing small business owners, licensed professionals, corporations, non-profits, and general contractors. He has practiced in various aspects of civil litigation representing small business owners, licensed professionals, corporations, non-profits, and general contractors. As a real estate agent, he has handled many probate sales with ease due to his law background and understanding of probate law. He regularly draws on his law background to provide his real estate clients with the same level of detailed service and professionalism within the probate process.

Marcell was born and raised in San Diego. His parents were real estate agents in Southern California for a period of time and introduced Marcell and his siblings to the power of investing in real estate. Marcel’s siblings are also real estate agents and are very involved with the San Francisco real estate process. Marcell practices law, but prioritizes real estate and became a realtor so as to combine his love of San Francisco real estate with his talent for assisting others in strategic ways. His professional experiences make him an expert in understanding buyers’ and sellers’ needs, especially within the probate process!

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