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The probate and trust sale process can feel overwhelming and complicated. Hiring a well versed real estate team is key to closing this chapter in your life, while bringing in the highest price possible for your property.

Their team – has now expanded from San Francisco to Alameda, Contra Costa, Oakland, and San Mateo surrounding areas. They have answers and an approach that is straightforward and direct. You can count on them for comprehensive real estate representation for your property. Read more on probate, trust, conservatorship, and the past probate testimonials from their clients and attorneys.


238 San Carlos Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530 listed by Claire Hultin and Lorraine Meier that required little to no money down with all services payed out of escrow for services rendered. Client diligently found through website, having searched for probate specialists in order to sell an estate that he was the administrator for at the time. Claire Hultin brought in a team of painters, haulers, handymen, landscapers that were paid out of escrow, once property was sold –  with funds disbursed to the family members, administrator, and probate attorney.

LISTED: $890,000
SOLD: $975,000

Services Included:
  1. Clean up / Removing and filing of items within home
  2. Shipping of important items to family members
  3. Completely BRAND NEW Roof
  4. New Flooring & Refurbished Hardwood Floors
  5. Fully Re-painted Interior & Exterior
  6. Landscaping Front and Back Yard
  7. Inspections
  8. Staging for OPEN HOUSES



175 Del Mar Street San Francisco, CA 94117 listed by Claire Hultin & Fatemah Nikchehi was requested to be sold off-market by the executor. As probate specialists they were able to navigate the real estate market for one of our clients closing at $2,291,250. The highest priced property closed within that specific area.


1344 Thomas Avenue

Listed by Claire Hultin & Marcell Neri for $350,000 here in San Francisco, CA. The house on the lot is uninhabitable, but a great lot to build upon. Executor was ready for a quick transition and a new opportunity!




Probate and trust sales require more than just a capable realtor as executors and administrators must attend to many different facets of the transaction. The agents here have had the pleasure of working with individuals, families, probate attorneys, trustees, and executors. Their real estate team is readily available to help guide you through the probate and trust sale process. They have extensive knowledge spanning across a multitude of diverse transactions. This includes multi-unit buildings, condos, single-family homes, and tenant-occupied properties!

They are probate specialists and have first hand experience dealing with the complications, stress, and hardships that can arise in these transactions. They also understand that this can be a sensitive time for their clients. Therefore, they aim to alleviate the stress and pressure of the sales process from start to finish. This is important to ensure positive results and provide solace for their clients.




In one of the most competitive markets in the world, having a powerful real estate team that understands the nuances of a probate or trust sale isn’t just helpful, it’s essential. They have a vetted team of painters, haulers, landscapers, handymen, and cleaners that will work to get your property to shine, increasing the price of submitted offers. They know exactly what is necessary for a property to stand out among other properties. Furthermore, this allows them to showcase and market the property to get you the best value possible.

Most of our vendors will defer payment out of escrow! This means little money upfront, and the rest is disbursed and payed once the property is sold. These probate specialists work side-by-side with probate administrators, attorneys and clients, allowing for direct communication among all parties. This type of communication allows all transactions and duties to be done seamlessly. Their clients are assured that our extensive knowledge takes overwhelming burdens off their shoulders and places it in the skilled hands of specialists.


The agents on this platform meet their clients at their point of need within the probate or trust sale process. They make things easy by bringing the resources, expertise, and communication necessary to satisfy their clients in unique and challenging situations.  Best of all, their clients receive all of their services for the price of one agent!

These probate and trust real estate specialists have leveraged unrivaled industry expertise with creative next-generation marketing and technology to empower clients in navigating the market with confidence. They take the burden of liquidating property off the table for the attorney, trustee and/or fiduciary. Furthermore, they can also ensure that the job is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Constant deadlines, time management, and communication are their forte, and with their team – you get quadruple the efficiency!


Consider the team within this platform dependable partners on your side with a full range of home selling services. They keep you informed every step of the way as they manage the process from start to finish. While preparing your property for sale, they handle many tasks and as a result, lift the burden off you immeasurably.

Additionally, their team can show you an efficient way to maximize property value without cutting corners, They provide resources that are usually difficult to access. In addition, these hard working real estate agents pride themselves on their dedication to their clients. They remain reliable, competent, and always available.  If they have made the process easier, then they have done our job.


We have relationships with local attorneys and also form affiliations with attorneys on a referral basis. They can help point you to the right attorney if you are searching for one. If you are an administrator without an attorney and cannot afford a probate attorney, we can help you find the right law firm who can assist you on a good rate.


Do you have any questions about the probate and trust sale process?  Call us at 415-933-3191 and we will gladly help navigate you in the right direction!

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