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Claire Hultin’s authentic entrepreneurial spirit and distinct set of skills sharpened by her diverse work and life experiences are what bring her real estate career to life. Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Claire has lived in Sweden and Malta and continues to explore the world, bringing a unique international perspective to her work in the equally unique San Francisco Bay Area real estate market.

Claire’s unceasing work ethic has afforded her success across all her endeavors, translating the same dedication to her clients today. She has been the owner of a tourism company, an international restaurant, and an event, marketing and PR company. Her accomplishments before officially entering the real estate business also include authorship of five traditionally published books—one on neuroscience, one a non-fiction book and comedy on romance, and the last three books on real estate primarily focusing on investments, first time home buying, and probate and trust home sales.

Jason Chu MPH, MBA Yale Graduate is the Founding Broker at Ambiance Real Estate with over 30 years of real estate and marketing experience including teaching fellowships and lecturing at Yale School of Management and Antai College of Economics Management. Ambiance Real Estate stands out and stands apart from other real estate companies, because Ambiance has over a 30-year track record of putting the community first. At Ambiance Real Estate, Claire Hultin & Jason Chu pursue and safeguard their customers’ interests and goals as their fiduciary priority. Providing a one-stop-shop with a foundation of rock-solid ethics and integrity, these two hold fast to their traditions of listening to their customers, keeping them informed, and educating them through-out the process.

Claire Hultin and Jason Chu have a passion for service to their customers and communities, especially families that have lost a loved one. Ambiance will always preserve traditions and a culture of ethics above reproach, integrity, and excellence, and will also push for innovation and adopt new technologies that improve transparency, access, professional collaboration, and customer service.


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