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In one of the most competitive markets in the world, having a powerful real estate team that understands the nuances of a probate or trust sale isn’t just helpful, it’s essential.

Claire Hultin is the author of 100 Questions: Probate & Trust Home Sales, Founder of Probate and Trust Real Estate (a platform for fiduciaries, executors, and estate planning attorneys with a specialization in listing probate and trust home sales. Jason Chu MPH, MBA Yale Graduate is the Founding Broker at Ambiance Real Estate with over 30 years of real estate and marketing experience including teaching fellowships and lecturing at Yale School of Management and Antai College of Economics Management.

Should your situation demand, Claire & Jason have a vetted eco-system of renovation technology companies, painters, contractors, handymen, landscapers, and cleaners that will get your property to shine, increasing the price of submitted offers. Moreover, some companies in their network will perform work with deferred payments and no interest!

Are you in need of a real estate team to assist you in the process of a probate or trust home sale?

The probate and trust sale process can feel overwhelming and complicated. Hiring a well-versed real estate team is key to closing this chapter in your life, while bringing in the highest price possible for real property.

At Ambiance Real Estate, Claire Hultin & Jason Chu pursue and safeguard their customers’ interests and goals as their fiduciary priority. Providing a one-stop-shop with a foundation of rock-solid ethics and integrity, these two hold fast to their traditions of listening to their customers, keeping them informed, and educating them through out the process.

Claire Hultin & Jason Chu have extensive knowledge spanning a multitude    of diverse transactions. This includes multi-unit buildings, condos, single-    family homes, and tenant-occupied properties. Both Claire & Jason have          leveraged unrivaled industry expertise with creative next-generation                  marketing and technology to empower probate and trust clients in                    navigating the market with confidence. They also have the knowledge to            suggest needed repairs or renovation profit potential.

Claire & Jason alleviate the burden of liquidating real property property assets for the attorney, trustee and/or fiduciary in a way that is familiar and trustworthy. They have a team that leverages expertise which transcends professional acumen and has an acute understanding of personal care and attention.

Michael Harris

“Claire provides quality service and products professionally with courtesy, clarity and efficiency. Not only that, she also has the skills to locate excellent properties and negotiates effectively to assure the fair market value is obtained. She is also great to work with and enhances the process with her charming personality.”

Luidas Mikal

“”Having worked with Claire numerous times, I can tell that she is a very dedicated and hard working person who strives to really deliver on her promises and does what is right in the given situation. I feel very lucky to know Claire Hultin as she is someone I can count on no matter what.

Rich Greenwood

“I have known Claire for a few years and she is a whirlwind of activity–always moving forward, always learning, and always working to find good solutions for her clients. I highly recommend her as a person and as a Real Estate expert.”

Danny Bean

“Claire is a consummate professional who takes the time to inform the client in a succinct and informed manner, answering any questions that may arise. She is a pleasure to work with and is always a reliable and friendly source of advice.”

Mathew Verkler 

“Claire is professional, competent and has the highest level of integrity. These qualities are matched by her enthusiasm and friendliness; highly recommended!”

Cindy Summer Lee

“Claire has a vast network of contacts within the real estate market. Her list of connections includes everything from real estate partners, brokers, buyers, sellers, and seasoned investors, mainly additionally to all the key players in the real estate industry, such as appraisers, home inspectors, mortgage loan officers, attorneys to co-partnering with major brands, distributors, and social icons in the entertainment industry. She can help any buyer or seller build a network around them through her network and feel supported throughout the process of buying or selling in this crazy San Francisco market. Her outreach goes far and beyond.”


What People are Saying

“Gains Absolute Trust with Her Clients”

“Claire Hultin is very thorough and treats each client with empathy, patience, and understanding with all projects including probate real estate. She has been highly known to gain trust with each client she represents and goes above and beyond when working with people in the workforce and outside o the workforce.”

– Udara Soysa, Attorney, University of London

“Ethics, Loyalty, & Due Diligence”

“Claire Hultin has an incredibly amount of ethics, loyalty, and a strong due diligence toward her clients within any type of work she handles. She always keeps a strong fiduciary duty with all clients and sets out for achieving the top results on her client’s behalf.”

– Karen K. Diep, Attorney Diamond McCarthy LLP


“Excellent communicator”

“Claire Hultin is an excellent communicator, a thorough with clients and attorneys regarding handling tasks from start to finish. She is very technology driven and on top of every email, text, and phone call conversation with attorneys and real estate clients. This makes it an easy and comfortable process for all.

Greg Rougeau, Partner Brunetti Rougeau LLP

“Speechless and Closed On Time”

“Claire worked effectively with several different teams, from my lending officer to the title company to the seller’s agent to ensure that we closed on time. Right before we closed and did our final walkthrough, Claire even prepared a surprise in the home which included a few small housewarming gifts to make it official that I had just bought my first home.” 

Phooja Mhatre

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